Bell & Goose


As an advocate for female entrepreneurship, Refinery 43 collaborated with Bell & Goose Cheese Co. — a woman owned & operated business proudly located in the great state of New Hampshire.

With a love for savoring life's moments and nurture relationships through skillfully crafted cheese, the name Bell & Goose Cheese Company was inspired by the head cheesemakers children (Belle & Gus, nicknamed goose) who are playfully represented in the logo design.

Packaging for the exquisitely crafted farmhouse cheese was designed with hand-lettered vintage typography because of the handcrafted nature of the small-batch cheese. Refinery 43 also elevated the design by adding a lovely feminine touch of copper foil and brought out the raw authenticity of the farm with a textured kraft paper stock to adorn the simple white cheese wrap.   

The final look is the perfect representation of Bell & Goose — an honest, women-run business with a focus on family values and enjoying the simple things in life. 

Photography: Jenn Bakos & Mama Sauce Printers
Creative Director: Refinery 43

bell & goose process-9_grain.jpg
bell & goose process-11_grain.jpg