Sometimes seeing is believing…


A strong logo has a huge impact on your business so each and every one demands a custom treatment. In some cases it is important to respect the past while embracing the present. Other times, it’s best to set your sad, old logo on fire and start fresh! You can view some examples of our successful makeovers here.




(Learn about each case study by hovering over the logo. Note, while each project highlights a redesigned primary logo we create complete flexible logo identity systems including secondary logos and submarks to work best in every possible scenario to maintain a cohesive brand.)



We love a good logo redesign.

Our specialty is concepting, reinvigorating, and restoring logos for new & established brands—enhancing their style and legibility through refinements (and sometimes, dramatic updates). In addition to updating existing brands, we love collaborating with designers, agencies, and in-house teams to create new logos or consult on logo development.

Considering a refresh? Here are a few questions to ask when considering a logo redesign:

  • Has your business expanded or changed?

  • Do you have new competition?

  • Are you speaking to a new audience?

  • Have your brand’s values or mission changed?

  • Is your logo dated?